How Safe is Cararthron


Cararthron is a herbal supplement for arthritic and joint pain relief. It contains an excellent blend of the plant extracts: Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu. More importantly, it does not contain any dairy, egg, gluten, lactose, nuts, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial colouring, flavoring or any preservatives. Cararthron contains ingredients that have been designated as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) according to strict FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards. In clinical studies, Cararthron has been shown to have side effects comparable to placebo. Till now the number of side effects reported by physicians and patients about Cararthron are negligible and significantly low compared to most other prescription products. Read more


Cararthron is a Herbal and TGA Approved Anti-inflammatory Supplement


Cararthron is an excellent blend of naturally sourced plant extracts for arthritis relief plant extracts that used in cararthron are  Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu and both of these are used traditionally in oriental and Ayurvedic medicine for their anti-inflammatory properties.The active ingredients are natural anti-inflammatory agents called flavonoids. Scutellaria baicalensis contains baicalin, baicalein and wogonin. Acacia catschu contains catechin and epicatechin.

Who will benefit from Regenerix Gold? and How does it work?


Individuals suffering from Desc Bone, joint and muscle problems, Sports injuries, Long-term joint discomfort, “Wear and tear” will benefit from Regenerix Gold.

It is also highly recommended for people who want to maintain good joint health.

Regenerix Gold contains a proprietary mixture of 5 traditional herbs with potent anti-inflammatory properties. This powerful blend counters inflammation which often leads to “wear and tear”, joint destruction, pain and stiffness.

Regenerix Gold also contains collagen hydrolysate which has been proven to stimulate chondrocyte (cells of joint cartilage) repair. Hyaluronic acid, another ingredient of Regenerix Gold, is often used by doctors as an injection for the treatment of joint pain.

Regenerix Gold – A fast acting hearbal brand with powerful tissue repair ability

Regenerix Gold™ is uses two main constituents Hydrolyzed Collagen (type II) and a proprietary mixture of 5 traditional herbs to full fill the need of required amount of joints nutrients. These nutrients are required to repair the worn out tissue of the body.The product also equally handy for people who are in intensive manual work or a sportsperson.


Here are the advantages of using Regenerix Gold –

  • Pain free joints free from inflammation causing agents
  • Complete information at our dedicated video on Regenerix Gold™
  • Improved mobility with smooth operating joints
  • Healthy and well-nourished joints.
  • Optimal functioning joints that are free from oxidation
  • Strong and healthy joint cartilage

What makes Cararthron Suitable for Arthritis


Cararthron is a new improved herbal formula of naturally sourced plant extracts which turns it into natural and safe pain solution with extraordinarily fast and powerful for arthritis relief that is also clinically approved by Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.

Reasons to consider Cararthron for Arthritis –

– Clinical research have demonstrated that regular intake over 4-12 weeks results in providing relief from pain with noticeable improvement in present stiffness and inflammation making joint movement smooth.

– Cararthron being an anti-inflammatory herbal products  has negligible side effects

– Cararthron also helps to maintain healthy cardiovascular function with benefits to your heart as well.

Read more about cararthron here

Vibroacoustic Therapy with its Benefits


Vibroacoustic Therapy is clinically proven low frequency vibration sleep therapy sounds that stimulates body cells into therapeutic states of relaxation and healing. Sound therapy provides soothing music with clinically proven brainwave entrainment for effective stress reduction, relaxation and healing.

Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy
-Increased circulation, decreased pain and increased mobility
-Relieve stress and sleep better without drugs
-Doctor developed and hospital proven
-Connect to your smartphone or CD player to play different music
-Use on your favorite chair or on your bed

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